Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let's Make A Wish Come True!!


I am disabling comments on this post as of 12/11/08. I am very frustrated with the fact that people I don't know are leaving comments here and are not leaving any way for me to contact them back. My blog is apparently being discovered as people Google Christopher's name or search for him online. I do not know this family; I was only participating because I wanted to help grant a wish for a child dying from cancer. I have worked with similar children and it breaks my heart to hear his story. I just wanted to help in any way I could, and get as many people involved as possible. I am passing along the most accurate information I have, information which was given to me by the American Cancer Society office here in my town. According to them, this WAS Christopher's wish, to receive as many Christmas cards as possible. And as far as the family being harassed, perhaps that is why the cards were requested to be directed through the American Cancer Society, and not sent to the family's residence.

Anyway, please keep Christopher and his family in your prayers. And God help you, don't send any more cards. Thanks.


Due to some comments this post has gotten, today I called the American Cancer Society here in Macon and found out that the family would like the cards to stop coming. They are being literally inundated with cards and there are too many. I was a little confused--wasn't that the child's wish? But anyway, if you've already sent a card, he will still get it, and the family appreciates it. But please do not send any further cards.


I received a note from my neighbor yesterday telling me about a little 6-year-old boy who is local and has cancer. He is not expected to live past the end of the year. Make-A-Wish is trying to get together a wish for him. His only request/wish is to try and receive as many Christmas cards as possible.

This really touches me because I have a huge place in my heart for children with cancer. I used to work in a Pediatric Hematology/Oncology office (for 6 years!) and got to know so many children with cancer and their families. I also saw several children die from this horrible disease and its complications.

Please send Christopher a card if you can. It doesn't have to be hand-made. Just any Christmas card will do. The American Cancer Society is going to try and deliver the cards to him on December 15th, so please get it in the mail as soon as you can.

Here's his address:

Here's the card I made for him.

Thanks so much for helping make Christopher's last wish come true!


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