Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black Beauty

Here is a layout I did today. It's of my cat, Black Kitty, and this picture is from the Fall of 2004. I just love this picture. Anyway, I used a couple of the little flowers I made yesterday. I layered the circle with other circles to create a whimsical sort of flower.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today, I was just playing around with making some hand-made flowers. This is what I created.

I watered down some acrylic craft paint and brushed it on the circles. I used a flower template to cut out the flower on the top right and then I just doodled a border around the edges and stuck a brad in the center.

For the bottom left flower, I started with a circle and folded it in quarters to make creases by which to tear it. It has a more "handmade" feel to it. I also used some watered down acrylic paint on it and accented it with a brad. I got the idea for this paper flower from CraftStylish. Cool!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recent Layouts

Here are a couple layouts I did over the last week or so:

And a card:

Inspiration Book

I have started an inspiration book to do layout sketches, write down ideas and notes, and place clippings from magazines that might have design elements that I might want to duplicate or draw inspiration from. I had always kept a sketch book, but I got the idea of adding more to it from my forum friend Ulrica on (Thanks, Ulrica!). I am really enjoying adding things to my book for inspiration.

Here is a YouTube video that Ulrica pointed me to. It is awesome!

This is the cover of my book. I just decorated a plain gray book (from IKEA!) with rub-ons, chipboard and my black zig.

Here is a page from my book that inspired doodles. I cut this out of a magazine and practiced doodling some similar shapes on the opposite page.

I got the next few pages from the 2008 IKEA catalog. Of course, I have several copies on hand, so it's ok to cut one up. ; ) These pages all inspired doodling as well. I just LOVED the color combos, too. The patterns are so graphic and whimsical.

So, those are some pages from my book! I also have pages in there where I sketch layout ideas or copy down sketches from sites like Triple The Sketch.

Also, here is a link to my profile (click on "Gallery" on the left side menu, then the "Layouts" tab).
My Gallery
I will be posting some of my layouts on the blog soon. Until then, happy scrapping!


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