Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Mini Photo Walk

Last Monday, Ginger, Brian and I met up to spend the day hanging out while our kitties, Augie (ours) and Tabbie Hoffman (hers) had their "big boy" surgery.  We needed something to distract us from worrying about our sweet babies.  We decided to go to Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley again, but it turned out that they were closed.  So, we drove about 20 minutes farther south, to Mama and Daddy's house.  But first, we stopped in Montezuma to do a mini photo walk.  It was fun!  I shot a roll of Arista Premium (black and white) 400 film on Brian's Fujica AX-3 (with 50 mm f/1.6 lens).  Here are some of those shots!

LOVE this one.  Film does beautiful things!!

And a few digital favorites:

We had a great time walking around some of our "old stomping grounds," despite the fact that so much has changed and deteriorated since we were younger.  Sometimes you have to relearn how to see the beauty in things, and remember them for what they used to be while appreciating them for what they are now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Where I'm From

My sister, Ginger, did this meme a couple weeks ago, and wanted me to have a go.  So, here I go!  (By the way, check out her version as well, because I'm from all those things, too!  :D )

I'm from red dirt roads, playing "school" in the woods and markers on posterboard.

I'm from He-Man and She-Ra dolls and saving the world with Wayne on the front porch steps.

I'm from cats in the yard, sweet old dogs, and walking till dark to find scuplins (that's "scuppernongs" to most folks).

I'm from the afternoon smell of supper cooking, homework after school, and summers full of "The Karate Kid."

I'm from a boombox in a swing, a homemade basketball goal, and a lavender 10-speed bike.

I'm from a little painted cinder block church, solos on Sundays, and tinsel halos on Christmas angels.

I'm from a little Casio keyboard, a black, clunky upright, and Mrs. Fowler's baby grand.

I'm from nickel candy at the Suwannee Swifty, makeup from Revco, and buying only Cokes from the liquor store.

I'm from Maw and Major's country life, Edith's spunkiness, and a Mildred who was really a grandmother.

I'm from a Mama who is my compass, a Daddy who is my hero, and the reflection of my potential in their eyes.

This is me.  And this is where I'm from.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Welcome, October!

So excited for the season!!


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