Saturday, December 31, 2011

Destination: Peace.

Wow, what a year.

A year full of lots of things.

Of life.
Of focus.
Of health.
Of quiet.
Of joy.
Of comfort.

I took a break from scrapbooking. It was good for me. But I miss it and am ready to get back.

There were some gains as well.

I spent the majority of the year with a camera growing out of my face. I loved it.

I strengthened old friendships and gained new ones. I am grateful for that.

I grew closer to my husband and with each year, seem to somehow love him more, although it seems impossible because I already love him with all my being.

Together, we realized some things about how and where we want to live that will help us move forward into the new year, and set the tone for the next phase of our life together.

My heart grew to make room for more kittybabies, precious lives that the world would otherwise just discard, and I love them like they are my children. They have helped give me focus and purpose.

I had a lot of unhappy times, uncomfortable times, times I felt violated by things I couldn't control. I lost quiet, peace and at times, sanity. But in the moments of distress, of anger, of discord, I still felt little Divine whispers. Little reassurances that this is just part of the journey. That I should focus on the good, and I should go where the peace is.

In 2012, I want to go where the peace is. I want to feel it within myself, and project it back to the world. This is not a New Year's resolution. It's more of an approach to life. I fully believe that when you put positive goodness out there, it comes back to you. I am inviting it with open arms and an open heart. I know this will not always be easy, and sometimes it may not even be possible, but it's not going to stop me from trying.

photo credit: brave girls club

I am ready to start fresh and leave so many things, so much negativity behind me.

So, come on, 2012. A whole new year. A fresh start. New footsteps on a new path to where the peace is.

Friday, December 30, 2011

We Came, We Saw, We Christmased

Just now getting to posting our Christmas pictures! We had a fun weekend with family. Headed down to Mama and Daddy's house for Christmas Eve chili and hot dogs, then came back home and returned to their house for Christmas Day. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Christmas Weekend!

On Christmas Eve, before we left, Brian and I opened our gifts to each other. He got me a Fujifilm Instax 7S!! I really wanted one, so this was awesome!!

And I got him a lighted cover for the Kindle he got a few weeks ago! He loved it!

Then, on to Mama and Daddy's!

I had lots of time to try out my new Instax! (I'll post another time and show the pictures I got from it!)

Christmas Eve chili in a pot that belonged to our Maw. Made us feel her sweet spirit there with us.

This is such a good movie. You should watch it. Brian got his own copy! Yay!

We had a wonderful Christmas. Hope you and your family did, too!

December Daily Wrap-Up

Wow, this month has absolutely flown by! It hardly seemed time for Christmas and then, Christmas was over! December Daily did help me to slow down just a bit and capture some moments that may have otherwise been overlooked or underappreciated during this busy, fast month. Here are the last of my dailies!

December 8. Our latest rescue, Simon.

December 9. Hipstamatic pic of a chalkboard message.

December 10. Brian holding Beatrice.

December 11. Stockings by the fire.

December 12. Restaurant Wanted sign. Just thought it was funny.

December 13. Oliver, too sleepy to open his eyes, but still turning his head toward the camera. :D

December 14. Brian and I made and decorated Christmas sugar cookies! Yum!

December 15. Fuzzy Wuzzy by garland light. Sweet boy.

December 16. Tree light bokeh.

December 17. My sweet husband blowing out his 37th birthday candles.

December 18. Santa sure left a big bag of gifts on the couch for me to wrap!

December 19. Jingle bell wreath on the back door. So cheery!

December 20. Spent most of the day wrapping presents, along with my "helper" who was hoping for some moments alone with the gift wrap supplies. Her Christmas wish did not come true, sadly. :D

December 21. Rainy day. Oliver by the back door.

December 22. Some of the cutest wrapping paper I have ever seen. Got it at Target this year.

December 23. All is calm, all is bright. Wrapped and ready.

I decided to stop my dailies with Christmas Day, so in my next post I will share those, along with Christmas Eve and Day pictures with my family.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

So This Is Christmas

Another Christmas is upon us (can you believe it?!), and before it's gone, I wanted to share a few pictures of our holiday decorations around the house.

Here's my table for my sweet Maw. It has her picture, and several items I was allowed to take from her house. I will always cherish these things that she owned, touched, and loved.

A few ornaments on display in her muffin pan:

Pictures of my first Christmas at her house:

Merry Christmas!!


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