Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Daily

Happy December!

I am participating in a project called December Daily. It began as a scrapbooking thing, where you take a picture each day in December, of something meaningful to you that tells a small (or big) story for that day in your life. (It's kind of like Photo/Project 365, but concentrates on the month of December only.) I will likely end up creating a mini album to hold all these photos/stories, but am planning on sharing them here as well. Finding a moment each day during such a busy month can really help slow down the hustle-bustle and bring more joy and thankfulness to the season.

OK, now to get caught up with my blog posts! I've been taking a December Daily picture everyday, but am just going to blog them in batches to make it easier.

December 1.
My warm toes in these awesome fleece booties that Mama and Daddy gave me at the start of the cold weather this year. They have seriously barely left my feet! I love them and you can't feel a single snippety miniscule draft of cold air!

December 2.
A rare and spontaneous early supper at Carrabba's. We always get the filet marsala, garlic mashed potatoes, and sauteed broccoli. Shutcho mouth. Soooooo good. If I ever have to pick a final meal, this right here is high on my list. And it was so nice for us to get out for a dinner together, so we really enjoyed it.

December 3.
I was craving some peppermint (I tend to only want it around Christmas) so we got a big container of mini candy canes from Sam's. They're so cute and pretty with twinkly Christmas lights in the background, as in my picture here.

December 4.
On Sunday, December 4th, Brian and I went to do a photoshoot of our friend, Lera's daughters and we had so much fun! We did the photos at Auchumpkee Creek Covered Bridge in Thomaston, GA. It was beautiful!

December 5.
A Hipstamatic pic of a little Christmas house I made. It looks so cheery on our mantel, surrounded by pine garland and red berries.

December 6.
Got out the stack of Christmas CDs to make some playlists.

This season goes so quickly. I think this year might be going the fastest pace yet. December Daily is really helping me to slow down and notice little moments of celebration in each day. Sometimes the little things do mean the most. More December Daily in a few days!

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