Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Inspiration Book

I have started an inspiration book to do layout sketches, write down ideas and notes, and place clippings from magazines that might have design elements that I might want to duplicate or draw inspiration from. I had always kept a sketch book, but I got the idea of adding more to it from my forum friend Ulrica on Scrapbook.com (Thanks, Ulrica!). I am really enjoying adding things to my book for inspiration.

Here is a YouTube video that Ulrica pointed me to. It is awesome!

This is the cover of my book. I just decorated a plain gray book (from IKEA!) with rub-ons, chipboard and my black zig.

Here is a page from my book that inspired doodles. I cut this out of a magazine and practiced doodling some similar shapes on the opposite page.

I got the next few pages from the 2008 IKEA catalog. Of course, I have several copies on hand, so it's ok to cut one up. ; ) These pages all inspired doodling as well. I just LOVED the color combos, too. The patterns are so graphic and whimsical.

So, those are some pages from my book! I also have pages in there where I sketch layout ideas or copy down sketches from sites like Triple The Sketch.

Also, here is a link to my scrapbook.com profile (click on "Gallery" on the left side menu, then the "Layouts" tab).
My Gallery
I will be posting some of my layouts on the blog soon. Until then, happy scrapping!

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Ulrica said...

I love your inspiration journal and how you've used the opposite pages to be creative and inspired! Your doodling skills are awsome! Can't wait to see more of it on your LO's!! :)



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