Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brian!!

Today is Brian's 34th birthday. In honor of his special day, I thought I'd list 34 things I love about him.

1. I love the way he takes care of me.

2. I love the way he knows when I'm having a bad day, and he gives me extra hugs.

3. I love the way he tells me I'm beautiful all the time.

4. I love the way he says "I love you" many times, everyday.

5. I love the way he encourages my creativity, and wants me to indulge in my hobbies and interests. He's quite the enabler. ;)

6. I love the way he helps me around the house. He takes care of the cats, and often times the laundry, and anything else that needs doing.

7. I love the way he always knows how to do things. Complicated things. I love how he geeks out over things I will never understand.

8. I love the way he watches HGTV with me and acts interested.

9. I love the way he gets excited when we go to Hobby Lobby, and he helps me pick things out or look for certain items. He usually finds them before I do! He remembers all the scrapbook "lingo" I tell him, as well as manufacturer brand names! He is an awesome shopping buddy (again, enabler!).

10. I love that after 15 years together (nearly 12 of those years married), that I still get butterflies when I look at him. I fall in love with him all over, everyday.

11. I love the way he always drives when we go somewhere.

12. Similarly, he always pumps the gas. That rules.

13. I love the way he goes to the doctor when he's supposed to, and gets check-ups.

14. I love that he has absolutely zero interest in sports. I never have to "lose" him to a playoff game!

15. I love that he will eat cereal for supper, and sometimes even requests it!

16. I love how he will go grocery shopping with me, even though he hates it.

17. I love how he is adventurous and wants to try new things. He helps me come out of my shell sometimes because there are so many things I would never try without his encouragement.

18. I love how he takes care of the house and yard.

19. I love how he is so silly and makes me laugh all. the. time.

20. I love how he can fix things, and if he doesn't know how, he researches it and tries anyway, and usually succeeds.

21. I love how he is so generous. He will help anyone, anytime.

22. I love how he works so hard to support us. Even though he works from home, his job can still be difficult at times, and he very, very rarely complains.

23. I love how he gets excited to go to IKEA just as much as I do.

24. I love that he sews and I don't. He can do just about anything with that machine and I'm totally in awe.

25. I love that he took up playing ukulele and has become so passionate about it. He's totally part of the uke revival!

26. I love that he lets me listen to Tori Amos in the car on long trips and sometimes he even sings along.

27. Speaking of Tori Amos, I love how he goes to concerts with me and he even drove us to Birmingham, AL to see her.

28. I love that he enjoys the arts.

29. I love how he supports my craziest ideas and helps me implement them. Sometimes they turn out great, but when they don't, he never says so.

30. I love how he loves music. He has introduced me to so many awesome artists that I never would've known by myself.

31. I love his smile.

32. I love how we have the same sense of humor about things and have so much fun together.

33. I love how he serenades me on ukulele when I cook supper.

34. I love how easy it was to come up with 34 things to love about him, and how I could keep going with more and more reasons until this post would be endless.

Happy Birthday, baby! I love you!!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, this was soooooo sweet. I'm so thankful you and Brian have each other.


MindyRadio said...

Ami, that is the very sweetest list. I am thinking this should be a scrapbook LO! :)


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