Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow In Middle Georgia!

On Sunday, we got snow! It was unbelievable! We only get snow here maybe a couple times a decade. It was really exciting and beautiful!

However, Brian and I were both really sick with some kind of bronchitis/flu thing from Hell, so we couldn't go out and play in it. That made us sad, because we really wanted to build a snow/dirt man like so many of our neighbors did. Boo.

I managed to open the front door and our office window to take these shots without actually going outside.

Wow! Snow!

1 comment:

Nina said...

ok.. you are WAY too cute about this snow fall!! LOL.. personally I am sick of the cold weather and snow!! send me spring baby!

ALSO... LOVE the sayings on the sid bar there... of course I love ours, but I love the attitude one especially... reminds me of my dd Morgan! +:O)


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