Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Stuff

Here are some new layouts.

Well, I just felt compelled to do this LO. Maybe you should just read the journaling. :D

Ah, the elusive Starbucks cream cheese danish. A whimsical, mythical creature. Every trip to Starbucks, I try to order one, only to have the Barista shut me down and say that they are out. I have tried to get one at different times of day, from early morning to well into evening. I have only gotten lucky a couple times out of many, many failed attempts. I just happened to get lucky on this day, when they had "one left". I felt the need to photograph the danish, to prove that it does actually exist, and that it's not something of make-believe or from a mythical fairytale. I realize that getting this danish today was very special, not likely to happen again in my lifetime. It felt like.... catching a unicorn

The next layout is of Bea, with a pretty ribbon tied around her neck. She hates when we try to dress her up.

Bea gets so threatened when we try to dress her up. She thought this pretty black ribbon would kill her!


For any crafty cupcake lovers, you have to check out my friend Nina's cupcake shaped card template on her blog! It's really awesome!

We are almost done getting new stuff for the house. Today we went to the Home Depot (in the hateful, ridonculous wind) and got some light fixtures and new towel bars for the bathrooms. We finally found some decent ones that we liked there. Here is the subsequent pile o' boxes in my living room. Oh, that bottom box is a bookshelf from IKEA that we still need to put together. Procrastination, yo. :D

Anyone wanna come install some light fixtures? :D

Last, a gratuitous shot of Black Kitty in a quilt.

Hope everyone has a great week!


MindyRadio said...

Have I mention how much I love the Unicorn LO??? Especially the title. LOVE IT! OK, you have to tell me what 'ridonculous' means...LOL It sounds like a made up Amay word.

Nina said...

LOL.. about mindy's comment about that word... ya know I am loving your lo's!! and look at all that yummy lighting!! nope don't want to come help with that, but maybe the painting and picking the colors! :O) Also, thanks for the plug with my template, can't wait to see what you do with it, as always it will be extra cupcake cute! LOL... and lookie there at black kitty acting like he/she has nothing better to do...


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