Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun Weekend

Well, this past weekend was a LOT more fun than the last one. Last weekend, we were fighting the nasty flu/bronchitis mess, and it snowed. This weekend, it was sunny and rather warm-ish, and we felt pretty well, so we ventured out a bit.

On Saturday, we went to our weekly LWW Biggest Loser meeting/weigh-in. Still haven't made much progress. Brian has lost a few pounds, and I keep losing some and gaining some. Hopefully we will find our groove soon. We still have several more weeks.

After the meeting, we went to the Big Peach Antiques Mall in Byron. We like to go on a regular basis now. Brian has found some really neat old razors there, and they have tons of cool stuff. Since they reopened about a year ago, we have really been impressed with the things they have. So, if you live nearby, check it out!

So, several months ago, on our first visit back since the reopening, we spotted this gorgeous piece of artwork in one of the booths. I couldn't justify paying what they wanted for it, but I did have a deep reaction to it. I LOVED it and so did Brian. Sometimes art just "speaks" to me, and I NEED to have it in my house. I get a lot of inspiration from art of all kinds.

Anyway, months went by, as did several more visits to the Antiques Mall. Each visit, we'd stop by and look at it. Well, this past Saturday, we looked at it again, and it had been marked down. Also, not knowing this artist's work (more about him later), I thought the piece was slightly defective since part of the sentiment/saying seemed to be cut off. Well, I would find out later that it was meant to be that way. Well, on Saturday, I didn't know that, so I asked the dealer about it, and he willingly offered an additional 20% off!!!! So we snapped it up in a heartbeat. After researching online, we discovered we got a really great deal. Even their original asking price would've still been a good deal. So, with it marked down 30% and then another 20%, we got it for half what it originally was, and it was very nicely framed, too. So, yay!

So, here it is, proudly displayed atop our mantel. I just love it soo much. It's like the missing piece our living room always needed. It says, "It'll cost nothing to dream, and everything not to." How could you NOT be inspired by that?!

Now, the artist's name is Rodney White. You can see more of his work here. He is so freaking awesome. I want just about every piece he has made. Wow. What's even cooler is that he's Georgia-born-and-raised. He lives in New York now. I might be stalking him a little, sorry. :D I am just in awe of his work.

Anyway, Brian also found a cigar box and he can now build his own cigar box ukulele! It's really exciting.

In other news, I have done something really bad to my left knee. I don't know what. But it has been hurting for like three days. I probably shouldn't have done so much walking on Saturday, because it seemed to just aggravate it. So, yesterday, I spent the day in bed with it all propped up and that helped some. But it still hurts. Ugh. I hope I don't have to go to the doctor about it.

Lastly, here's a layout I got done. The pic is from my birthday this year.

I am so loving the new Sassafras collections. Yum.

Hope everyone has a great week! :D

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