Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleepy Conehead

Sleepy was spayed on Tuesday.

Since she has an obsession with cleaning and licking herself CONSTANTLY, she has to wear an Elizabethan Collar. She will have to wear it for 7 days.

So far, she's been really sweet about it. She is such a docile cat. She was like a little rag doll when we put it on her.

It is kind of pitiful, but really hilarious at the same time. She runs into things because she's not used to this big cone thing being on her head and sticking out in all directions. So, we laugh, then we pick her up to console her because it is obvious she's embarrassed. Poor girl. But she's being such a sport about it.


MindyRadio said...

I thought for sure you would have posted a altered collar for Sleepy by

BTW, LOVE the new vintage women images on your blog!!!!!

Nina said...

yes, me too.. please let us know when it becomses altered! All the pets with cones will want one!! Sleepy is truly beautiful even with her cone... not everyone can carry it off so elegantly you know!

Alexis said...

aww, how sad and funny at the same time! Love the pictures- and I'm looking forward to seeing your scrapbooking pages dedicated to this horrific and helarious time. :)


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