Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Explosion In My House!!

I've been decorating for Christmas over the last few days. I am exhausted, but it is done! Now I get to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend without a bunch of pressure to get.it.all.done!

These first pictures are of our white tree in our master bedroom. We keep the ornaments to colors like aqua, blue, green, silver, gold, and white. Our room is aqua, brown/beige and white. This is the first year using a white pre-lit tree. Previous years have seen me struggling and fighting with an unlit tree trying to light it. No more, I say! Pre-lit is the way to go!

I just love this sweet little blue Santa! He looks so kind.

Next, is a small tree for Brian's desk.

This next series is of the living room. Sorry for the grainy quality of some of the pics. Gotta try and retake some of these.

Our tree. And Mr. Snowman. :)

I went with giant candy canes sticking out of it this year for a little whimsy.

This is our mantel. Stockings, from left to right: me, Beatrice, Sleepy, Black Kitty, and Brian. :)

Also, I hand-lit all that garland myself. I did this a couple years ago, before pre-lit garland was big in stores. Sore fingers for sure! But the result is worth it.

There are more decorations to see, but this is all I had time for tonight! I have to take more pics of the trees anyway when they have presents under them, so they don't look so "naked"! LOL!

Just wanted to share some pre-holiday cheer!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for all of you sweet folks who read my blog!! :)


Emmy said...

Oooh, I adore that white tree! It's just beautiful!! In Sweden we (well...most people I think) don't put up their christmas trees until a few days before christmas. We've got other things we put up by the first sunday of advent (this coming sunday). I have started decorating today and will continue tomorrow. Will try to take pictures and post so you can see what type of decorations we have! :)

Love your mantel too by the way with stockings for you, Brian and your babies! :) Too cute!

MindyRadio said...

Your trees and decorations are beautiful Ami! I absolutely LOVE the candy canes peeking out of the Christmas. LOVE THEM!

Lily said...

ooo, christmas did explode at your house. I did some decorating today. going to take pics and post tomorrow


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