Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Layouts

Just dropping off some new layouts I've done recently.

This first one is for The Eiffel Tower Group's November BOM Challenge: create a LO of yourself/your life right now, using two of the following journaling prompts: I am...I wish...I dream...I am not...

I used I am and I am not

I am: creative, kind, real, happy, very blessed
I am not: patient or perfect

This next one is also for the ETG -- November Challenge: use as many brads as you can!! 25 points for the LO, and an extra 25 for using more than 25 brads--I used 30 brads, for a total of 50 POINTS.

Beatrice is such a scared little kitty. This may be why she loves boxes and other hiding places so much. She took over this Diet Coke box and seemed to feel really safe and protected in it. I don't think she'll let me throw it away! Two months after putting it in the living room for her, she still hangs out in her Diet Coke Bunker daily!

The alphabets are from Target $1 spot (the word "diet"), Prima (the word "Coke") and Wal-Mart (the word "Bunker")

And the last one is for the November Cosmo Cricket Challenge on

This LO is of me when I was little. I am in this picture with my cousin Jenn, best friends Rachel (and her little brother, Joe) and Wayne (and his little brother, Matt). From left to right: Jenn, Joe, Wayne, Rachel, Matt and me. I was probably 8 or 9 in this picture.

My friend, Wayne (the bright-eyed, grinning redhead in the back row), was one of my very best friends, basically a brother to me, from the time we were babies, all the way through adulthood. He was killed in an automobile accident 5 years ago while responding to a call (he was a Deputy Sheriff). I still struggle with his death, and while I have been wanting to scrap some of the pics I have of us together (too few), this is the first attempt. I am planning to put this in my BOM because he (and these other people) were/are such a big part of my life. Some of us have lost touch and some of us are still in touch, just not as often as I'd like.

Anyway, the journaling reads:
I'd tell her to savor these moments, because they will be gone too fast

I'd tell her to treasure these friendships, because some will fade

I'd tell her to express her love often to these people, because some will be lost along the way, through distance and time, or through God's Plan...

And she would know--sooner, rather than later, to never--EVER--take a single moment for granted.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Aw, dang, that one about Wayne made me cry! Y'all were soooooo little!!!

I love you!!

Lily said...

love cute and quirky


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