Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More New Layouts (I've Been Wicked-Scrappy!) :)

So, I finally got the pics from Wicked scrapped. There were so many good ones, I had a really hard time picking the few that would fit on a double-page LO. I still may scrap the rest on additional layouts.

Here the pages are together, to show what they'll look like in the scrapbook.

And, here is a LO I did of Beatrice. She is so darned cute when she sits in this chair in front of Brian's desk and then pokes her little head up over his work phone. She will do this whether the phone is ringing or not. It is SO cute!!


MindyRadio said...

The WICKED LOs are amazing Ami!!! The different b&w papers really make that green pop!

Lily said...

i still haven't scrappedour wicked pics yet. thanks for the inspiratio, your look great

redoaklines said...

wicked?!?! i'm so jealous that you want. love the layouts that you made. they are totally "wicked" hehe. :)



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