Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Is The Cold That Never Ends...

It just goes on and on, my friends!!

I have been sick since last Friday, so going on a week now. It seems much longer, actually. It started with a horrible sore throat, then moved into my sinuses. There was/is stuffy nose, earache, dry hacky cough, which morphed into horrible croupy bronchitis-type cough, and headaches and fatigue everyday. I tell ya, it has truly been FUN!! (The cold was unable to defeat my sarcasm, ha!)

Anyway, I am still feeling crummy today, but it seems to be on its way out. But now poor Brian is sick. Ugh. We all feeble and stuff.

So, earlier this week, we went out to get some soup because that's really all I felt like eating and I sure didn't feel like cooking. So we went to Ming's, our most favoritest Chinese restaurant. It's awesome! Anyway, we got our food and then, on the way home, were just riding and talking when all of a sudden, we heard this loud "THUD!!".

We were both like, "what was that" and I looked out my (passenger side) window to see this big green blob on the side of the car. We had been hit with a paintball!

We really couldn't believe it. We were on a busy road (for those of you who know Macon, it was Zebulon Road) in a residential area!! We were pretty sure it came from a patch of trees next to some houses. We called the Sheriff's Department and they sent out a nice Deputy to talk to us and see the car. He went to try and find out who did it, but we haven't heard whether or not he was able to. I doubt it.

Anyway, so thankfully, there wasn't any permanent damage. We rinsed it when we got home, but upon inspection the next morning, there was still some film on it. So we took the car for a good car wash and everything came off. But you just never know what kind of crazy, random thing might happen when you're just innocently driving along in your car. Gah!!

Well, I think that's about all the excitement I've had for the week. Hope you're all having a better one!


Lily said...

awww, sorry you aren't feeling well. When I first looked at your blob I thought it was a halloween sticker! glad you were able to get it off

MindyRadio said...

I relly do know how you feel about the paintball. So frustrating. Hope you and Brian get to feeling better soon. I miss chatting with you.


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