Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tagged! (Random Facts About Me)

Ok, I was tagged by Georgia Peach on, so here goes!!

1.what is your occupation? Stay-at-home wife

2 what color socks are you wearing? Not wearing any right now!

3.what are you listening to right now? Brian talking on the phone for work

4.what was the last thing you ate? Oatmeal

5 can you drive a stick shift? No

6 if you could be a color what color would you be? Red

7.last person you talked to on the phone? Laura, I think! (It's been a couple days since I talked to anyone on the phone!)

8. do you like the person who sent you this? Sure!

10. favorite drink? Caffeine-free Diet Coke

11.what is your favorite sport to watch? I like to watch Pool (Billiards)!

12. have you ever dyed your hair? Only for Halloween when I was younger. Back then, pink and blue hair was just for Halloween, not for everyday like nowadays! Gosh, I sound old, don't I? Kids these days... :P

13. pets? Yes, 3 cats -- Black Kitty, Beatrice and Sleepy, plus a couple "outside" cats that are feral (we feed and provide shelter for them)

14. favorite author? Neil Gaiman

16. last movie? I think the last movie we saw at the theater was Sex And The City

15. favorite time of year? Winter!

18 what was your favorite toy as a child? Strawberry Shortcake

19.strawberry or blueberry? Strawberry you want your friends to participate? Sure!!

22.who is most likey to respond? ?

23.who is least likely to respond? ?

24 living arrangements? Me, Brian and the kitties

25. when was the last time you cried? Maybe a couple weeks ago? Can't remember (I guess that's good!) :)

26. who is the friend you had the longest time that you are going to tag? Crystal

27.who is the shortest friend that you are going to tag? I'm not sure what everyone's height is!! :P

28. favorite smell? Cinnamon

29. plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? cheeseburger

32. number of keys on your key ring? 4 many years at your current job? I was at my last job for 7 years

34 favorite day of the week? Saturday

35 how many states have you lived in? Just one!

36.which political label most closely reflects your views? Libertarian

37. worst injury you ever had ? Probably my current nasal perforation

38. what is your favorite book? Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

39.what were you doing at 12:00 last night? Sleeping

40: what famous person dead or alive would you like most to meet? Tori Amos!

*** 3 threes****

1. three random facts about you that your scrap friends probably don't know.

1. I make up different words to popular songs and sing them to the cats
2. I am terrified of cockroaches (I didn't even want to type that word!!)
3. I love cereal on a Seinfeld level

2. three favorite bands or artists?

1. Tori Amos
2. Panic At The Disco
3. Howie Day

3.three places you have never been to and wish to travel to?

1. Alaska
2. England
3. Ireland

Ok, now I tag Emmy, Laura and whoever else wants to do this!! Have fun!

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Lily said...

thanks for the fun facts!


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