Saturday, June 2, 2012


Alright, grab a hanky or a barf bag, I'm about to wax nostalgic up in here.

This weekend, seventeen years ago, I graduated from high school.  June 1st, 1995.  But we celebrated all weekend.

I loved high school and I loved all my friends (and still do!).  A lot of people hated high school and couldn't wait for it to be over.  It wasn't like that for me.  High school was a time of great happiness for me.  (I *did* meet the Love Of My Life early in my junior year, after all!)  After we graduated and went our separate ways, I really missed that closeness we all had.

I look back on those days with a lot of love and fondness.  Christine was still with us.  Wayne was still with us.  Two precious souls who are physically gone now, but live on in our hearts.  We all have our own lives now, with families, careers and responsibilities.  But no matter where life takes each of us, we are still always connected.  The parts that make us who we are, are intrinsically linked together.  I am who I am, in part, because of these beautiful, wonderful people I had the honor of sharing classrooms and friendships with.

Now for some fun 90s pictures.  :D

Sure do miss this boy.

Macon County High School Class of 1995, this one's for you.  I'll always remember.

Happy Seventeen, friends!!

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Anonymous said...

Those are some good pictures. Fond,happy memories. Don't seem like it has been that long. Love you


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