Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Look at these two sweethearts.  Today, they celebrate 47 years of marriage.

Everything I know about love, commitment, and marriage, I learned from two amazing examples.  Two people, that, through thick and thin, through hard times and happy times, never gave up on each other.  They built a life and a family and are still standing strong after all these years.

Oh, how I love them!  And today, I celebrate them and a love so big, it just radiates and shines on everyone who knows them.  Happy Anniversary, Mama and Daddy!  May you have love and happiness beyond all measure, today and always.


Margie said...

A truly wonderful day to celebrate. Called and talked to my 2 besties....they are such treasures in my life.
Love them.
They truly are loving examples of what love should be for us all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those sweet words . You kids add to the happiness we share. I hope we have helped in someway for ya'll to go by and stay focused on the beginning of the two of you. Always be there for each other. Love you


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