Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, y'all know I'm getting all pumped up to go see Wicked The Musical in October in Atlanta. Our friend Billy (who lives in Atlanta) stood in line to get our tickets last week, and I wanted to make a wickedly awesome thank-you card for him.

This is what I made:

The inside is red. It looks like this:
I'm going to write in white on the red part and in black on the green part.

And, on the back, just for fun, a little owl:

I can't wait!!

My order will be here tomorry. Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!

I also heard that Michael's is now carrying Basic Grey. And that it's 40% off this week. AND that they have some of the latest collections. Must. Investigate. Further.....


Lily said...

omg, you are so going to love it. I took my daughter a few months ago and I was completely speechless in awe. Just amazing. The card totally rocks

MindyRadio said...

You know how much I lOVE THIS CARD!!!!! I can't wait to see what you think about the show.


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