Friday, September 12, 2008

Black Kitty gets her picture taken....reluctantly.

Black Kitty is our oldest cat. She is 8 years old and set in her ways. She is really, really sweet. She just thinks she's a princess, that's all. She absolutely hates when I take her picture.

Here, she was napping and I wanted to get some pics of her sweetly sleeping. But, she sat up, gave me a look of disgust, as if to say, "Leave Me Alone". I snapped these very funny pictures, then she lay back down.

Anyway, here's the LO.

I was also thinking that maybe I should explain why we call her "Black Kitty". I know, it's such a creative name. :D Anyway, she first came to us many years ago, when we lived in an apartment. She wandered up one day, hungry and pregnant, meowing at us. We HAD to help her. We brought her in, fed her and gave her somewhere to sleep. We fixed up a box for her, too, because she was VERY pregnant. We asked around, and no one claimed her. So, soon she was officially ours, kittens and all (we eventually found homes for the four of them and kept her). Anyway, we kept saying things like, "She is such a sweet little black kitty", and so that just stuck. Soon she started answering to just being called "Black Kitty". And so there you have it. Just in case you were wondering. :)

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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Emmy said...

Cool! I actually have wondered about her name! I think it's a really cute name though even if a bit unusual! I love that bottmom picture of her on this LO. She really looks sooo annoyed with you! :)

Have an awsome weekend my friend!


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