Friday, February 12, 2010

Wow, What An Exciting Week!

This week, Brian was on vacation. Monday was our anniversary (13 years!). Tuesday, Mama and Ginger came to spend the night for...Wednesday, which was IKEA Day!! Thursday was a rest day (and I had an awful migraine the whole day, ugh!) and then today, Friday, we got SNOW in Middle Georgia!!! Again! For the second year in a row! That is extremely rare. Today's snowfall was much more than last year's, however.

Here are some photos to recap the highlights of the week:

IKEA!!! We took our new 50 mm prime lens with us and captured some really great photos.

Here is IKEA from the car as we were driving up. I was so excited to see my IKEA again that I had to snap a picture!! :D

Here's a shot Brian took of me at one of the dining room settings in one of the sample rooms. I'm a little out of focus, but I think it looks cool.

Here are more similar photos, of Ginger and Mama:

Here's one I took of Brian:

And one he took of me:

Here's a shot of our awesome lunch at the IKEA Restaurant:

Oh, IKEA, how I love thee.

There are more artsy and cool photos on Brian's blog. Check them out!!

Then, today was a very rare snow day!!! This happens so infrequently in central Georgia. We did have snow last year, but this snowfall today was a lot more than that. We had so much fun, taking pics, video, and building a snowgirl named Maude.

Here are some photos from the day:

So, those were the highlights of our week. It was fun, but it went by way too fast!!

Hope you all had a fun week as well.


Nina said...

LOL.. I love how my comment is an embellishment! :O) I also have to laugh, I thought your lunch pic was a display there!! hehehe.. seriously! Maude is soo cute and she is so nicely embellished as well, very hip and up todate I tell you she is!! Wish I could get this excited about the snow, but that was short lived way be in Dec! LOL... lovely pics though! Also love your blog posting below about your anniversary, just wonderful, dand I should have sent a card for that with your b-day card, by the way it went out today, so be looking for a small package from me, my guess it would arrive Monday or Tuesday... Have a great weekend Ami! Hope you had a great week with Brian, sounds like you did. ((HUGS))

Nina said...

oh, also, is that kitty bea? well, it looks like she has a heart on her lower back too!! :O)

Nina said...

OH! I think that is sleepy!! :O)


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