Thursday, February 25, 2010

Right now...

My tooth aches. :(

Appointment with dentist on March 10th. Hope they can work me in sooner. Advil is doing its best to keep the pain at bay. Hope it can keep helping me.

Or else...I might have to go looking for these.

Just kidding, of course. Maybe. :D

I am seeing the dentist on Tuesday, March 2nd!! Yay!!! Ready to get this taken care of and OVER WITH!!!


Ginger said...

They will call you in something for pain if it gets worse!! I hope they can get you in earlier. That mess is NOT fun.

Cocaine toothache drops sound awesome!! Instantaneous cure! I bet. :D

Hope you feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your tooth. Like Ginger said they will call you in something because that is too long to wait and it could get worse.Get some orajel pain med., not your remedy . Don't wait because the weekend nobody can be reached.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. If you have a regular dentist they will call you in something. Heck my dentist would get me in that day as an emergency if I was in pain. Most dentists are closed on fridays. Toothaches are not fun.

Ami said...

Oh, yeah, if it was that bad, I would get something called in. Right now, the Advil is handling it. Also, my dentist is awesome and would have worked me in the day I called, but it was I who said the pain wasn't severe. And it's still not severe. It's more of an annoyance. I will call them back on Monday and I'm sure they will get me in sooner. Also, my dentist has an awesome emergency/weekend system in place (which I've had to use before), where he takes turn being on call with a group of other great dentists, so I would be able to be seen by somebody if it came to that. Thanks for your replies and well-wishes!

Vel said...

Bwahahah, love that ad!


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