Monday, February 15, 2010

View From My Desk

This sweet girl is so adorable. She just comes into the office, lies down on the floor, crosses her little paws and stares at me.

She is a little slow, as in, she rode the short bus to our house. But she is precious. Sometimes she jumps into the windowsill and smashes her head against the window glass. She can't help it. She is just a little slow.

I often ask her what's in there, under those spots between her ears. She and I both know the answer is "not much". Marshmallow fluff? Bless her heart.

We love her even more because she's "special". She can't meow; she only grunts. She has problems, but she's our sweet baby.

Her sweet little pink nose gets me every time. :D


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet. She is so happy and peaceful close to you.

Ginger said...

Awwwww, that is SO sweet. We love our li'l special-if-I-wanna-be baby.

Katy said...

she is such a little sweetie and i know i would love her all the more :D

Much Love Katy xx


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