Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last night, Brian and I were driving over to Kohl's to shop for Mother's Day gifts. I have TMJ Disorder, and it tends to flare up often. It's been flaring up this week, so in the car, I was doing my jaw exercises and all of a sudden there was this huge, loud, "POW!!". Brian didn't realize it was my jaw when I turned to him and said, "Wow, did you hear that? It was my jaw" and he said, "Really?! I thought something hit the car".


It was THAT loud. I don't remember a time EVER that it has popped that loudly. But man, did it feel evah so much bettah after that!!

So, anyway, we got to Kohl's and went inside. We immediately went to the handbags and purses because that's what my Mama had asked for. We were over there not even a couple minutes when this really weird guy and his two daughters appeared, obviously shopping for a purse as well. That was fine. What was NOT fine was how his crazy-looking, wild-eyed face was around every corner we turned. Seriously, it was bizarre. We'd go to another section of purses (they have quite a large selection), and he'd suddenly appear. And he would just smile this big, toothy smile at me. Dude. Go out in public much?

I didn't get any bad vibe or anything from him, like he meant any harm, he was just always THERE, grinning. He looked like a school principal. You know how they have the crazy eyes. (No offense to any school principals reading this.)

Anyway, we lost him for a minute and left that section and headed back to housewares to pick out some new coffee mugs. Guess who was there? Weird guy. With his big crazy eyes. I was like, how the heck did he get back here so fast? Dude teleported or something. He was already back there and heading BACK up to the front of the store when we passed him on our way back to housewares. He just grinned all stupid at us, as if to say, "yeah, it's me again".

Seriously, what?! It was just bizarre.

So after that, we didn't see him again. And we got both our mothers nice things and some really awesome new red mugs for ourselves. Yay!!

Today, we went over to Kroger and now we're back home, just chillin' like villains because it is about a million. freaking. degrees outside.

I think I need a nap.

Happy Weekend, everyone! :D

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Jordan Radio said...

Hilarious! The principal comment made me giggle....and the teleporting thing. :)


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