Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In honor of my Mama...

I created this layout.


She is the strongest and bravest woman I know. She is kind and generous, with a heart full of love for her family. She is hard-working and self-sacrificing, and eager to help anyone in need. She is beautiful, talented, and encouraging.
She is my True North, the Beacon that guides me and lights my way. She is my biggest fan. She is truly a blessing. For those reasons and so many more, she is...the best Mama.


The Mama layout is for a self-inflicted challenge over at the Eiffel Tower Group on scrapbook.com.

The top pic is Mama holding me, and my brother Ricky and sister Ginger on the couch beside us. Check out my pants. :D The Eighties left no doubt they were The Eighties. (Thanks, Mike Nelson. :D)
The bottom pic is of me and Mama this past Easter.

The following layout was the second monthly challenge for the ETG (also self-inflicted, LOL) :D.

It's of Tori Amos, my most favoritest musician. :D I had to dig deep into the depths of the Internet to find the pictures of the marquee from that first Tori concert I attended in Atlanta, and also to find the pic of Melinda and me. Melinda, if you're reading this--girl, I had to stick my hand all in the Crazy to find that picture. I think you know what I mean. :D Here's a hint: they came from the blog of a fellow concert-goer. Yeah.

I printed and cut out miniature images of all her studio albums, and placed them as a border near the bottom of the layout. The pictures are a collage--the actual sign from the first Tori concert I went to, some pics of Tori from the Scarlet's Walk era, Melinda and me at a diner before the concert, and myself now. I also included a scrap of sheet music from one of Tori's songs, "Pancake".

The journaling on this one:

My Tori Story began on November 10, 2002. I went to a Tori concert with my friend Melinda and was forever changed. Since then, Tori's music continues to inspire me. I can't imagine my life without Tori's music. She is, by far, my favorite artist. I know I will always feel a deep connection to her music. I am so excited for her 10th studio album, coming May 19th!

I have created an 8 x 8 album all about Tori in the past, complete with these same pictures, concert descriptions, set lists and ticket stubs. I might have to take pics of that some time and share it. :D

In other exciting scrappy news, I received word today that I will have THREE layouts published in Scrap N' Art E-Zine, in the July issue. How exciting!! I am really trying to submit more now, so hopefully there will be many more publications to come!


scrapcat said...

gorgeous pages! love how you journaled in a circle on the first one.

Nina said...

Ami, your lo's are always amazing to me and I always love to see what your next one is going to hold... and congrats on your 3 new publications, your work rocks and will inspire many!! :O)

Jill Sarginson said...

Great layouts and congrats on the Scrap N Art pubs!!!

Victoria said...

Your mom LO is gorgeous! Congrats on your LO getting published what an honor that is.

Have a great weekend



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