Friday, August 1, 2008

Scrapping Funk

I haven't been in much of a scrapping mood lately.

I am worried about our latest kitty addition, Sleepy. She has been fighting a bad ear infection since we took her in almost three months ago. She's on her third course of antibiotics, and she has improved, but the vet says the infection is still hanging on way down inside her ear canal.

She is pregnant, due any day, and we can try a topical treatment but not until she has her babies. And even then, the topical may not work. The only long-term solution might end up being a very expensive ear surgery to place tubes in her ears. Anyway, if anyone is reading, please say a prayer for Sleepy and that the topical treatment will work for her.

Here are some pics of her. She is so sweet.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and prayers for Sleepy's recovery. I'm waiting on some pics of her to come from snapfish, and then I'll be doing some layouts of her.

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