Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Update

Well, Fay has moved in and doesn't want to leave. We have had rain for a week straight. I like rain, but this is starting to get a little ridiculous. We really need to do some yard work, because thanks to all the rain, stuff is just GROWING out there. The grass, the hedges, etc. But it's all too wet to deal with right now. I never thought I'd say this, but, "Some sunshine, please?". I'm usually a dark, cold, rainy, Wintry kind of girl, so this is really causing an identity crisis for me when I start wanting sunshine.

Anyway. I haven't heard anything yet about the job with my friend. So keep your fingers crossed!

In other news, I have a couple new layouts.

This first one is of Mama. She is always cooking something good for all her family. I took this picture of her holding a dish for a family reunion that she hosted a couple years ago. She is my Culinary Hero.

This next one is just a fun one I wanted to do. I always get Brian's opinion when I come up with a title for a layout, and this time was no different. He really came up with this one and I was like, no, that's too cheesy (after a cheeseball 80s Kung Fu movie). But it really was perfect, so I went with it.

So, I guess that's all the news for now.
Have a great week!


Carol said...

love your layouts and the background of your blog. Good luck with the new job, hope you see sunshine soon.

Lily said...

forgot to add I'm adding you to my blog...love your stuff

Lydia said...

Those are some awesome los. I hear you about Fay. Boy was I glad when she left here too.


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