Friday, June 24, 2011

In Praise And Celebration

Today is my big sister Ginger's birthday.

(That's her on the right--this photo is of us around 1980.)

Although there is a 10-year age difference between us, we always say we are twins born 10 years apart. We share thoughts, finish each other's sentences and are best friends. A few years ago, she gave me a book for Christmas, titled In Praise And Celebration Of Sisters and I adore it. There is a passage that reminds me of us, and of the bond we share. I thought I would share it today, in honor of her birthday:

"The bond between us was not made from flowers and loving sentiments - but sitting on each other's heads, borrowing each other's things, arguing in whispers in the early hours. From secrets, silly and serious, that had to be kept from Mum. From last-minute coaching for examinations - resentful and desperate. From shoutings and tears. From gigglings and raucous laughter. From plottings and from dire and dreadful threats and warnings.
We are grown now, established - but still I hear your voice in memory.
'Oh, don't be so ridiculous!'
'Don't be so wimpish. Stand up for yourself!'
'Sleep on it.'
'Cheer up, old love. Be brave, I'm right behind you.'
And you are. Always."
--Pam Brown

Happy, Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister. Our bond is forever, of love and devotion and protection. You are mine and I am yours. I love you!


Margie said...

This is such a SWEET 2 truly are "peas in a pod"!! It's wonderful that you 2 share such a loving relationship.
Heck, I remember when you were both fought all the time....know that is a "sister" thing now!
I never had a sister, BUT, your Mama and your Aunt Gloria are my backups. It does feel amazing to have those kind of relationships in this life.
LUV you girl

Anonymous said...

You two are the best and I am so lucky to have you two as daughters. Just stay together always. Love you

Ginger said...

Lord, how I love you!! I remember yelling to Mama to get you out of my room when it was YOUR room, too. Ha!! Now I'd give anything to share a room with you and lay there and talk at night and giggle about the cock-a-roaches. Maybe one day when we're roomies at the nursing home. Thank you for being so sweet to me. I love you so very much!!!!!

Brie said...

Hi Ami! I just found your blog because I was searching for homemade cardboard stars (honestly, because I was trying to see if my own blog came up on google yet), and I love how you got yours! I need to go to Lowe's and see if they still have those! :)

Anyway, commenting because I noticed you call this a scrapbooking and photography blog - 2 things I LOVE! I just posted some pictures that I took and am looking for some helpful hints or suggestions, constructive criticism if you have any! :) Thanks!

Brie @

Pearl Maple said...

That is a sweet post, sisters can be the greatest gift in life


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