Monday, June 6, 2011

The Celebration Continues...

"Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day." -- Gene Perret

What a great quote. And so perfect for this special day in particular--my Mama and Daddy's 46th Wedding Anniversary!

They are such a wonderful example of timeless love, devotion and the true meaning of happily ever after. Their love knows no bounds, and it is the canvas on which our family is painted. They have taught my sister, brother and me the meaning of commitment, of "for better or for worse".

Today, I honor them and am so grateful for all they have given me and my siblings. Mama and Daddy, I love you both so much and wish you many, many more years of happiness. Thank you for all you have given our family.

And I wanted to include this precious song because when I hear it, I think of them, and I think of my own marriage, which they laid the foundation for by setting the example they did. I think of strong marriages and true love. I think of forever.

Happy Anniversary to two amazing people!! I love you both so much.


Ginger said...

Awwww!! This is so sweet and so true!! How can we ever fail when we have them as our role models?? We are truly blessed to have been born to those two wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, miss Ami. That is so sweet of you. I want that c.d. please. Never heard it before.We are glad ya'll feel like you do and we just love all of you.


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