Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Girl

Sleepy is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. It is so hard to believe that just under two years ago, she was a wild, feral outside cat who shied away from us. All of a sudden, she warmed up to us and was totally tame. Since then, she has adjusted beautifully to living indoors. She is so sweet and loving. She is rambunctious and playful, too, but mostly she just wants to lie with us and be loved and petted.

I snapped these pictures of her over the weekend. The kitties love to all pile up on the bed and enjoy the warmth and sun, as our room is the warmest and gets the most light during the day.

We love our Sleepy girl. :)


Anonymous said...

How cum she got such pretty eyes?

Lynn said...

great pics of Sleepy!!


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