Monday, August 10, 2009


I came across this picture from my youth recently, and, at first I was horrified. Then I thought, this would make an awesome layout. :D

This is me, just before my 8th grade dance in 1991. Which I didn't have a date for, by the way. I'm so cool.

This LO is for the August Cosmo Cricket Challenge--the challenge this month was to use at least 2 (or more) different Cosmo Cricket Collections. I used SEVEN! Dutch Girl, Girl Friday, Snorkel, Early Bird, Everafter, Hello Sunshine and Mr. Campy!

Journaling: many things wrong with this picture. The garden-weasel hair? Maybe it's that rustic country scene velour fabric on the couch. Wait--it's that lovely piece of runway couture I'm wearing! Wrongness on so many levels! - Me, 8th Grade Dance


Alyssa said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!! Glad to see you are keeping a sense of humor about it! I think we ALL have pics like that!

Ginger said...

Congratulations. You look a mess.


I think you was purty.

Love you!!


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