Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Today is my Daddy's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!! I love you bunches!
Hope your day was wonderful!

Here's a picture of Daddy from Father's Day this year.

And here's the birthday card I made for him. :D

My sister, Ginger, also wrote a sweet birthday blog for Daddy today here.

Here's to many, many more!!!


Ginger said...

That toaster is SO PRECIOUS!!!! I can't hardly stand it. That was such a cute idea. He's gonna love it.

Thanks for pluggin' my blog, too!!

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You two girls are a blessing in my life. I couldn't ask for better daughters . Love, Daddy.

Anonymous said...

That is so neat to think outside the box. You are so smart and so artistic minded. Love you, Mama


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