Thursday, February 26, 2009

Purse Of The Day (Tag)

Ok, here's a fun way to kind of get to know a bit about our friends here in blogland. My friend, Nina hit me with this purse-of-the-day tag. Check out Nina's blog by clicking on her name above or find the link in my sidebar (Scrappy Inspiration And Other Awesome Blogs).

The Rules:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are using today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!

2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

3. Then, I pick 5 people to post on their blog!

OK, I fell in love with this purse when I first saw it. And it didn't hurt that it was on sale! :D
I immediately loved the color, and thought that this beautiful lime/chartreuse green was more of a neutral than black or brown would be. And I was right! This purse literally goes with everything I wear.

I think I paid around $20 for it, and I got it at Kohl's. It was in February 2008, so I've had it for about a year now. It was a birthday present to myself. :D I love it because it's HUGE. I carry so much crap in my purse. But, everyone always says I'm very prepared. Chances are, if you need it, I have it, from medication for a headache to hand wipes to saline solution to a small pack of those little sticky sheets that you get pet hair and lint off with. Yeah. I gotcha.

So, this was fun!! Now, I tag:

Ulrica (Emmy)

Sorry I couldn't tag 5 peeps, I don't know too many people with blogs! :D


Anonymous said...

That is the TRUTH!! I never carry anything 'cause I know you got it handled. Funny post!!

Ginger :)

Nina said...

LOL.. about all that stuff in your purse Ami!! It truly does not appear to be too over sized in the large category! I LOVE that color too and looks very lovely!! We would look great standing next to each other with our lovely colored purses!! We're just soo cool!! LOL... Thanks for playing along!!


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