Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Few New Layouts

Here's some layouts I've been working on lately. Trying to get those Christmas pics scrapped!

This first one is of Brian opening his gift from me, a Lansky hone/sharpening system. I had to make his yellow shirt work for a Christmas layout. :)

Next, is a layout of me opening my Slice (from Brian)! Yes, that's a pic of me hugging it down in the bottom right corner! I am not ashamed!! :D

And this last one is of some paper bells I made when I was little. Mama has kept them for well over 20 years and always puts them on her Christmas tree each year. That is so sweet!!

Got a big weekend and week coming up! Saturday is our first weigh-in for The Biggest Loser competition (our subdivision is having its own contest). Then, Sunday is our 12th wedding anniversary!

Next week, Brian is on vacation. Monday, we're going to spend the day with my parents and Maw.

I am so excited, because on Tuesday, we're going to IKEA!!!! Yay!!! I can't wait to see IKEA again. It will be awesome.

So I will be sure to update with pictures after we get back!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


MindyRadio said...

Amay, I really love all the new LOs. I especially LOVE the 'My True Love Gave To Me' LO. Love the letters, the colors, the gift....everything. Good luck on the 1st weigh-in and Happy Anniverary to you and Brian.

Sherri said...

I like your "True Love Gave To Me" as well. Wasn't the first layout supposed to say HOME for Christmas? Or is "hone" mean something to you two?


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