Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rest In Peace, Sweet Badness

Last Saturday, we woke up to a horrible scene. Two dogs from a pack of at least three that had been roaming the neighborhood and killing cats were outside attacking one of our feral cats, Badness. Brian got outside in time to chase them off but by then, they had hurt Badness extensively. It was such a sudden, violent attack. We were in shock and so was Badness.

He couldn't walk. Brian carried him up onto the porch and I got a pillow and some towels to wrap him in. Brian laid him down on the pillow and he was just so pitiful. We had never been able to touch him because he was wild, but we got to spend his last few minutes doing our best to comfort him. He died about 30 minutes later.

We buried him in the rain, in the backyard behind some lawn chairs that he had loved to sit in. We cried and cried. And cried. We were so attached to him and loved him very much. Brian had made progress with him and was able to touch Badness some while he was putting food down. He would have eventually been tamed and we could have either brought him inside or adopted him out to a good home.

We were furious about these dogs. After talking to some other community members through our subdivision's yahoo group, a lot of people were really upset because these dogs had killed so many cats. They were literally on a killing spree.

Earlier this week, one of the dogs that killed Badness was caught by Animal Control. The other dog that killed Badness is in its owner's possession, and the owner promised to keep him penned. We'll see. I know that dog better not EVER come back over to our house.

Anyway, the community is planning a memorial service for all the cats that were killed. It should be sometime in the next few days.

Here are some pictures of Badness. He was so sweet, even though he was wild. And he never tried to damage or hurt anything. We loved him, and we will continue to grieve his death.

Rest in peace, sweet boy.

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