Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My Grandma was a Leap Year Baby. She was born on Leap Day, but her birthday was changed to today for convenience. She was my Mama's Mama: Edith Bray Clark.

She died when I was in the seventh grade. She would have been 92 today. I miss her and am sad that I didn't get a chance to know her as a teenager and adult.

My memories of her have faded with time and my own aging. But I do remember and know that she was so strong. So brave, tenacious and determined. After my Grandpa died in 1957 (way before my time), she was left to raise their five children alone. And she did. She was a pillar for her family and never gave up. She gave those wonderful traits to my Mama, who has passed some of them on to me. I remember Grandma loved cats and always had a house full of them. I must get that from her, and what a blessing it is to have such an immense love of animals and to know it is deeply rooted.

Mama and I joke often about our shared stubbornness, and even call each other "Edith" from time to time. And although we jest, I take great pride in it. I know I have her spirit in me, her determination and fire. So while I only had her here on Earth for a short time, I have her for always in my character and personality. And that's pretty awesome. She is forever part of my tree of life. The one she created strong roots for.


Anonymous said...

That is so Mama. You may have been young,but you remember so much about her. Thanks for sharing. She did love her cats and dogs . Love you

Lindsey said...

What a sweet tribute Ami. I think I must get my love of animals from my Aunt Ruth. I've heard stories where she would just walk up and take an dog that was chained up and obviously being mistreated...like extremely skinny, etc. She didn't care if it was broad daylight. She couldn't stand to see an animal suffer.


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