Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

My sweet friend and design teammate, Amy, has given me the Stylish Blogger Award! What an awesome surprise! Thanks, Amy! For me to accept this award, I must list 8 things about myself, as well as pass this award on to 8 other stylish bloggers. Yay!

Here we go!

1. I love to sing! It is ingrained in my soul, it is part of who I am and it always will be. It is like breathing--I need to do it to survive!!

2. I have psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disease that manifests symptoms on my skin. It is painful, debilitating and ugly.

3. I am completely, hopelessly addicted to Facebook. And I am not ashamed.

4. I do not want children.

5. I love, love, love animals, and dream of having a huge amount of land someday and the means to rescue dogs, cats, and whatever creature needs my help!

6. I want the world to be quieter. Too much noise, y'all!

7. I knew I would marry my husband the night I met him. I was 16.

8. I am constantly straightening and smoothing the sheets on the bed. If the sheets are not pulled and tucked tightly and smoothly, I cannot and will not sleep in that mess. :D I fix it a few times a night. And then again in the morning. And sometimes during the day if I pass through and see it all wonky.

Now, I pass this award on to:

Brian @ Brian's Notebook
Ginger @ Ginger's Junket
Margie @ Meanderings of Margie
Julie @ Traditionally Retro
Nina @ Having An Art-A-Tack
Trisha @ Trishalicious
Lynn @ Life On The Wienee Ranch
Lauren @ This Is Lauren!


Anonymous said...

That's our Youngun. Love you

Nina said...

Thanks Ami! I will attempt in the next week to post this!~ I love your header! and I love the red quote on the side bar about I'm right in the middle of be fantastic, Can you bother me later! hahaha... sound like something my Morgan would say! LOVE it and LOVE you! ((mwah))

Lauren said...

Whoa! Cool! I've never gotten an award on my blog before.

Thank you! Off to create my list... :-D

(I'm totally addicted to facebook, too!)


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