Monday, January 17, 2011


For a few months now, we have been trying to adopt out a kitten from our feral mama outside. We had been calling the kitten "Wee Kitten," although now he is 5 months old and not so wee anymore! Anyway, our good friends, Tia and Ken had offered to take him a couple weeks ago, but just as we were about to let him go, we realized that we were far too attached to him and loved him too much to let him go. He had us wrapped around his little claw. :D

We are those Crazy Cat People you hear about.

Anyway, many thanks to Tia and Ken for offering to give him a home! After we made the decision to keep him, we took him to the vet for his vaccinations and a checkup. He is healthy! We brought him inside, gave him a bath and now he's hanging out in our master bathroom. We named him Oliver Farnsworth Godfrey. He has to stay isolated from the other cats until we are sure his ear mites are gone (the vet gave him a one-dose, super-strong treatment for those, so they should be gone now). We also have Trudy, who is now 9 months old, and is possibly starting to go into heat. Although Oliver is young, his puberty could be triggered by contact with a female who is "of age". So, for the next couple weeks, he will stay separate from the girls (who are all spayed except for Trudy) and we will get him fixed. So, for now, he and the girls will take turns having "run of the house". He goes up, they come out and vice versa.

He is super-sweet, loving and calm. He is probably the most laid-back cat I've ever seen. It is hard to believe he came from a feral colony. Brian has been working with him since he was a baby, but he just seems to have a different demeanor than the others. He *wants* to be with people. And we want to be with him. He is precious!

Here he is, Mr. Oliver Farnsworth Godfrey. :D

He has beautiful marbled markings.

Welcome home, Oliver!


Anonymous said...

It was about time you took oliver inside. He and ya'll have waited long enough. Glad he checked out at the vet alright. Give him a hug from Mew-mew and pew-pew and maybe you will quite worrying about him. Love you all.

Ginger said...

Mew Mew and Pew Pew!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Dang, Mama, that's funny.

I'm glad li'l Oliver is all official and stuff. He's a cutie.

Sandy Ang said...

He is beautiful and I love how you take in strays. I'm the same, all my cats have been strays.
cheers from another kitty moma!


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