Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Activities - Part One

It has been a busy Autumn for us!

Over Halloween weekend, we went to the North Georgia mountains, to Sky Valley!! Our dear friends, Tia and Ken, were kind enough to invite us to join them and stay three days in a wonderful mountain house with gorgeous autumn views of the mountains! It was so much fun! Brian and I haven't gotten away on a vacation since our HONEYMOON, nearly 14 years ago! My sweet sister, Ginger, house and cat sat for us so we could go. She's the best!!

Anyway, we took so many pictures! I took over 600 with the DSLR and Brian took several rolls of film on his Yashicas. Still waiting for those to come back. Here are a few of my faves from the weekend!

This was our view each morning after stepping out onto the deck. Gorgeous!!

Here's another view from the deck:

Here we are on the first morning there. We had just seen that gorgeous view for the first time, because we had arrived the night before, in darkness. We are happy mountain folk!! :D

Later that morning, we ate breakfast at the Cupboard Cafe. Seriously, the best breakfast ever!

Next, we went to the railroad museum.

Mountain view at the railroad museum.

Tia, Ken and Dane.

Later, we walked around some antique shops. Brian and Ken had a rest outside in some rocking chairs. When I went to take their picture, Brian said to Ken, "Look at Ami" and this is the response I got. :D

That afternoon, we got some shots outside.
Here's a great family shot of Ken, Dane and Tia.

The little church in the valley. It played a chime each hour that was so beautiful and soothing. I really miss that!

That evening, Brian and I went out alone to capture the sunset. Here, we are chasing it down the winding mountain roads.

The glorious view from the bottom of the mountain.

These hay bales were everywhere. So cute!!


On Sunday, we ventured out (and into North Carolina a bit) and ended up at Dry Falls. They. were. gorgeous!

We had SUCH a wonderful, relaxing trip! It was much-needed! On our way home, we discovered a wondrous place called Goats On The Roof. More on that in the next post. ;D


Ginger said...

Your pictures are soooooo beautiful!! I'm so glad y'all got to go!!!

Lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos!

I'm in the mountains in the south of France and the scenery around us at the moment is very similar to that in your photos - and at the same time very different!

You've done a great job of capturing the warmth of the colours. And the family photo in the Autumn sunshine is nothing short of a masterpiece - I hope your friends have a large print of it to hang on a wall at home!


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