Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Layouts!

I'm on break from projects for Scrap n' Art, so I've been scrapping a little just for fun!

Here's what I got done:

This cardboard "sun" is a divider that came in a box of new plates we bought recently. I thought it looked like a sun, so a little white and yellow paint, along with some Glimmer Mist, made it come to life! This is Ginger, acting silly with her birthday ice cream. She says it's because she hadn't had ice cream in a while, but I think it's just because she's crazy.

I made the teal fabric rosette and the orange pipe cleaner flower. (The organza lollipop flower is from an Etsy shop called "Milky Supplies".)

This layout is of Sleepy, a couple months ago. She had to wear a sweater while a sore on her neck healed (because she wouldn't leave it alone). She really hates this sweater.

I made the pipe cleaner flower.

And last, Beatrice. Just being weird. Enough said. :D

Again, I made the fabric rosette and the accordion flower.

I have a blog post coming up on the Scrap n' Art blog tomorrow, with all my picks from CHA! So stay tuned for that, along with another awesome piece of news! :D


AHadley said...

ok, that sun is genius!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sun and picture of Ginger. The cats are just being themselves. You did a great job. Love u

Ginger said...

Who you callin' crazy??! :) Crazy is that second picture of Bea!! WHAT??! The layouts are beautiful, as always!!!


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