Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Update

We had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, we went to the monthly LWW Scrappers Meeting, where I did a few demos on how to make cards. We had such a fun time! Here are some cards I got done to show at the meeting, and one I got done at the actual meeting.

(Click any of the pics to view larger.)

And here we all are, hard at work, making cards!

While we were inside making cards, Brian was outside taking pics of the gorgeous cherry trees at the church. Here are a few of my favorite shots he got, post-processing done by me in Apple Aperture. I am so loving that program!

It was a pretty fun weekend. Sunday we just hung out at home and got some rest, which is always my favorite kind of day. :D Looking forward to seeing family next weekend for Easter, and taking lots of pictures!!


Lauren said...

Apple Aperture is such a cute name for a photo group! And I see exactly what you focus on in the group :-)

Cute new cards!

Ami said...

LOL, thanks! The group is our scrapbook group. The program I used for editing the cherry blossom photos is called Apple Aperture. It's like Photoshop Elements, but made by Apple. Here's a link:
Thanks for the compliments! I love making cards! :D


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