Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome, Christmas!!

We finally got some pics of the Christmas decorations! Brian took all these and I think he did a fantastic job!

(Click on the pics for a larger view.)

Here's our living room tree:

And an ornament on the tree:

Here's the opening between our living room and dining room/area of the kitchen:

Here's the mantel:

And our bedroom tree:

We had so much fun decorating and now the fun is trying to keep the cats out of everything! So far, so good, but tonight, Sleepy pretended to be a present under the living room tree. She also picked out a couple ornaments from said tree to keep her company. :D

We still have to get some pics of the outside stuff. Hopefully tomorrow if it doesn't rain!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty and Brian does make good pictures. Merry Christmas!love you

Ginger said...

Everything is sooooooooo pretty and festive! I love how you do your mantel!!! And I LURVE that Believe ornament!!!! Where'd you get it??

Y'all got a fire??


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