Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun Layouts With Vintage Photos

Recently, my Mama showed us some old pictures of her and Daddy when they were dating and also some of their wedding pictures. She also had some older pictures of my sister and brother when they were babies in the late 60s. After my sister, Ginger, scanned them in and shared them with me, I used iPhoto to alter and enhance them. Then I had them reprinted so I could create some layouts with them. It was so fun!

Here are some I got done. I hope to do some more soon!

This first layout is of Mama and Daddy when they were dating. They look so happy! I love this picture of them.

Here is a layout of their wedding picture. I entered this layout in the September Cosmo Cricket Challenge on and I won! Yay!

This layout is of Ginger, when she was about a year old. So cute!

This next layout is of my older brother and sister when they were babies, the year was 1968 (way before my time, LOL!).

Ricky was just a few days old and Ginger was 16 months old in this picture. Ginger had already claimed Ricky as HER baby and she was so happy when Mama laid him in her lap. But, when Mama took Ricky away to change him, Ginger was clearly thinking, "Oh no she didn't!". :D

I LOVE these pictures of them. You can clearly see how happy Ginger was in the first pic, holding Ricky in her lap, and then the disappointment on her face in the second picture as Mama pulls him away. SO hilarious!!

And this last layout is of Ginger, around the year 1968, on our Uncle Gene's boat.

So that's all I have done for now. I love scrapping these old pictures and telling the stories of my family.


Shawna said...

Oh...I want to do that! I need to get out some of my old pictures from my Grandmothers album and make duplicates for a few LOs. Thanks for the inspiration, your work is great!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so sweet. You did a wonderful layout with all of them. Now they will last a longer time. Thanks and Hugs always. Love, Mama

Lydia said...

Congrats, love your layouts, my favorite is the little dockhand. Fantastic, great netting!

Vel said...

I have to tell you that I made some of those glass pebbles I see here on your pages and I love them so much. I'd done something similar with those epoxy type clear stickers but never thought to use the glass pebbles. Thanks so much for posting them on a previous entry...and I'll be sure to credit them as your idea when I do finally use them. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Jill said...

I am new to this craft so always looking for something to get me started. I loved your ideas and think you have done some super stuff.
Best wishes Jill in UK


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